James Holmberg

James is inspired by everything from the subtle to the saturated, whether that’s the space of the open prairie or a crowded urban cityscape. He approaches designing an environment much like he approaches making a painting. Whether it’s minimal or active, his fundamental approach to composition remains the same—he adds and subtracts shapes, colors, and textures until he arrives at the unity and balance that lead to a desirable living environment.

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Sam Devine

Sam has been guiding children and adults on wilderness canoe trips even longer than he’s been building houses, and he’s come to see the parallels between these two types of adventure. Mapping out a trip is a lot like planning for a renovation. Even with all the preparation in the world, things are going to change along the way. While it may not come easy, what you carry forward with you is what matters most, whether it is an adventure out in the wilderness or a new living environment more perfectly suited to your needs. Having the right guide for this journey can make all the difference.

Learn more about Sam's EarthEd Foundation.


Martin Shedd

Marty started with Kinetic in 2009. He is long time friend of Sam Devine, the two of them having spent several summers working together at a camp in Northern Minnesota. He has guided canoe trips, tended bar and thoughtfully remodeled homes for much of his adult life. Don't let his rugged exterior fool you, he's a total softy. Marty is an owner and lead project manager. Once things get rolling you can expect him to be there to solve problems and coordinate your project.